Who Do I Think I Am?

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Dec 17

Why Me?  Why is it that I want to blog, and what exactly do I think I have to offer the world?  

Great question.

Do I consider myself a guru?  Not really.  Am I smarter than most?  Not hardly. 

Do I have a unique message and vision that can benefit others?  Well, many seem to think so.  Which brings me to where I am. 

I had a life-changing conversation several years ago with one of my best friends, who just happens to be a PhD and clinic psychologist.  (I plan to do a more in-depth post on this conversation later.)  During that talk, which involved a lot of “woe-is-me” complaining, and a lot of him listening patiently, I pleaded my case as to why life had been so hard on me, etc.  He then gently but directly pointed out that while I may have experienced some formidable struggles, my playing the victim had gotten me absolutely nowhere.  But he also said that the challenges I had faced had given me something valuable, and that could potentially help many people.  He said, “after all you’ve gone through, now you have a story to tell.”

I underestimated just how powerful that story could be.    

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