I love speaking.  In fact, I’m passionate about it.  But if you’re looking for someone to just show up and fluff up the audience, I’m not your guy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against motivational speakers. They have their place, and I’ve been known to “siss boom bah” when needed. But that’s not my purpose.

I believe feel-good, motivational speeches only get you so far.  I’m not interested in a room full of warm fuzzies unless the audience walks away with truly solid, substantive tools that bring about meaningful progress towards tangible goals.  If I get an entire audience jumping and screaming for joy during a weekend retreat, but leave them with nothing to sink their teeth into on Monday morning, then I have failed.

Whether you’re an individual, business, sports team, church group, or sales team, I believe the principles are the same: to maximize your path to success, you must a) be deliberate and laser-focused on what you want to achieve; b) be brutally and painfully honest about why you are not there yet; c) dissect exactly what steps must be taken to get there; d) create and implement a schedule of periodic accountability “self-retreats” to re-visit and adjust your progress; e) be consistently and stubbornly engaged in progress; and f) recognize that there is no “finish line”.  These are the principles that form the basis for what I teach.

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